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Fairfield Farmers Market

Baby with a watermelonBrief Outline of the Project

The Fairfield Farmers’ Market is a 20+ year-old tradition of providing fresh, locally-grown produce to our community and creating an economic opportunity for our producers.  The market is a community event, with many people coming to the market not only for the delicious produce but also to visit with their friends.

Why do it and what motivates you?

The farmers market serves the community in several ways:  it offers the community a venue for freshest produce available (often grown organically) and provides a market outlet for producers.  The market is also a community hub, as market visitors go to talk, relax, and visit with each other on market days.  It is part of our community’s lifeblood.

Your vision, for your project AND for Fairfield as a sustainable community:

The farmers market is a community hub. It is a place where we go to find the best food, the best plants, and the best seeds to plant. It is a place where we can go to find advice for our own gardens or a good friend to visit with.

Your philosophy of sustainability:

Good food will always be a cornerstone of good health. Clean air and clean water are also cornerstones of good health. By purchasing our food from farms that use sustainable and organic practices, we help to protect our natural resources. By purchasing our food locally, we help keep our community strong.

The Big Picture (how your project fits into the larger Sustainability Project):

It is important for all communities to have a trans-faith, trans-political common ground. Our farmers market provides that space, and adds to it healthy food produced by ecologically sound means and lower carbon footprints than conventional foods shipped in.

One thought for the community and City of Fairfield:

Come on out to the farmers market!

How others can get involved:

Shop the farmers market, invite a friend to shop at the market with you, volunteer to organize an event at the farmers market, donate money for market improvement projects such as hand-washing stations, or start growing fruits and vegetables to sell at the market!