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Dream Green Radio Series

Brief Outline of the Project

Dream Green is a 20-part radio series on Iowa’s energy issues that highlights best energy efficiency practices in the state. Each week listeners learn how Iowans are making sustainability a reality in their homes, communities, and counties.

Dream Green is a project of Fairfield’s community radio station KRUU-FM, the Midwest’s first solar-powered radio station. The series is created and produced by Stuart Tanner and James Moore, the hosts of KRUU’s Tanner & Moore, with funding from the Iowa Office of Energy Independence and 70 individuals, businesses and organizations.

Why do it and what motivates you?

Iowans benefit from conserving energy in many tangible ways, from preserving the environment and therefore a high quality of life, to saving money for individuals, businesses or organizations. “With energy prices rising, the economy less than robust, and the limitations of existing technologies, underscored by oil spills, mining accidents and the nuclear tragedy in Japan, a series focused on maximizing energy resources couldn’t be more timely,” said Dream Green co-host Stuart Tanner. “Iowa is doing some amazing things. We’ll highlight the stories of those individuals, communities, companies, and organizations who are implementing green and sustainable practices.”

Your vision, for your project AND for Fairfield as a sustainable community:

The goal of Dream Green is to act as a hub of information for Iowans to use, share, and pull from for a diversity of projects. Dream Green’s website, greeniowa.org, offers downloadable programs, press releases, and transcripts that individuals, teachers, businesses, and news organizations can use as an ongoing resource.

Your philosophy of sustainability:

At Dream Green, we believe that informing the public of the many approaches to sustainability will lead to better energy solutions.

Throughout the state, there is a range of efforts that contribute toward sustainability, from finding clean, renewable energy sources, to using the least amount of energy for the greatest reward.

The Big Picture (how your project fits into the larger Sustainability Project):

The hosts of Dream Green are travelling across the state, documenting the accomplishments of leaders in the state’s active wind, biofuels, and solar industry, in green architecture, education and more. This series offers listeners a picture of the collective effort to find energy solutions statewide.

One thought for the community and City of Fairfield:

Be proud of your Iowa roots. Dream Green is finding that it is Midwestern values of common sense, resourcefulness, and conservation that are driving many Iowa communities ahead of the curve in sustainability.

How others can get involved:

Community involvement is held in the highest regard for any project of KRUU, a station where almost all of the programs are produced by some 100 volunteer hosts who create 80 shows a week.

Join the dialogue on Dream Green’s website, greeniowa.org, and ask questions, feed us story tips, or share your own energy-efficiency success stories.